Photo by  Andrew Itaga

Photo by Andrew Itaga

Transgender & Gender-Expansive Children

When your child shares with you that they have questions about their gender, it can be an overwhelming time for families. Sometimes a child's gender journey is clear, sometimes it winds down a twisting road.

I work with you, your child, and any additional family members (siblings, grandparents, etc.) to best support your family and your child through the journey to an authentic, resilient self. I work with children ages 3 and up.

My involvement, connection, and commitment to transgender, gender non-conforming, and gender-diverse communities proudly dates back several decades.

There are many wonderful sources of information and support available for families entering the transgender/non-binary/gender-diverse communities. Resources >>


  • Assessment

  • Play and Integrative Therapy 

  • young children (ages 3+)

  • pre-teens/teens

  • Assessments and letters in support of gender transition

  • Navigating school and other social environments